Life is confusing, hopefully this page will help you (at least be less confused about Lab Hope…)

I’d like to study with you. How can I join Lab Hope?

Please see this page for details of how to study in our laboratory.

Please note: The lab is not accepting new students at this time. Responses to inquiries may also be delayed.

Where are you?

Tokyo Institute of Technology has three campuses, Ookayama, Tamachi and Suzukakedai. We are located in the Ookayama campus, in central Tokyo.

What language do you use in the lab?

Seminars are conducted in English. We use English and Japanese (and other languages if we know them) in our daily interactions.

Isn’t ‘Lab Hope’ a silly name? It sounds like pseudoscience.

Well, yes it is, but Tokyo Tech is organized by labs and it’s the surname of Associate Prof. Hope. At least it’s easy enough to remember!

What courses are taught at Tokyo Tech by Tom Hope?

Current courses can (usually) be found on Tokyo Tech’s Online Courseware (OCW).

How can I contact Tom Hope?

Use the Contact Us page to send a message directly to Tom Hope.